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Our engagement platform, developed over years at professional sports arenas and corporate events, has the ability to deliver a greater personal experience than a virtual conference can on its own.

Create Social Uplift

We increase engagement with real-time delivery of photo and video content of presenters to both your audience as well as your social media teams. By integrating key slides or quotes into the photo album, your company once again can push thought leadership and expertise. Market research shows that images delivered during a presentation get posted to social media 36% more often than images delivered after an event.

Extending the Impact

Delivering additional materials such as collateral or slides during the presentation delivers dramatically higher engagement. With our platform we have seen over 50% download rates for these materials. That immediacy of a physical conference is back, creating a longer tail experience for you as well as your sponsors and partners.

What we deliver

- Professional photographers and videographers shooting your keynote or panel, delivering the images and videos to your virtual attendees and social media teams in real-time.

- Automatically apply digital logos to images, to drive awareness of your brand, your event, and your partners.

- Deliver assets immediately at the conclusion of the event including decks, collateral, or other materials to continue engagement.

- Customizing our product to provide a tailored solution for your event.




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